Monday, January 07, 2013

Last day of break

Today was the last day of break for the kids. I have two days to myself to get ready for my classes.

And of course, as I was sitting here writing this, DH had a crisis. His glasses broke. I managed to hold them together and told him to find some super glue so I could try to put them together. And I told him where to find the super glue. I had it located within 12 square inches and even had the right name brand for once.

He couldn't find the glue, so he wanted me to look. I always suspected that his perception was that everything he do is harder than everything I do, but this proves it. I did eventually get up and find the glue, but of course, the glasses came apart again. I went right to the glue. He hadn't really looked. He walked in there and because it didn't jump off the shelf at him, I was "cruel" for making him look. Anyway, the glasses are glued together, but they aren't fixed by any stretch of the imagination.

Good lord help me. When things go well, they do. But the least little thing that goes wrong and it is a huge deal. Well, let me rephrase. If the least little thing goes wrong for him, it is a big deal. When thing go wrong for me, "he knows I can solve it."


Fortunately, these days are few and far between. This level of drama is not something that I can deal with every day.


Duda Ramos said...

hi l love your blog

Duda Ramos said...

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bill said...

Raising a family can be stressful at times. So can teaching, hopefully not at the same time.Here's to better days. Cheers.