Sunday, January 27, 2008

Study Break

I am reading for my research methods class-- the third graduate level research methods class that I have take. Trust me, it is not any more interesting this time.

Yesterday, though, I helped Mea with some fun research. We went to visit my first grade teacher, who sold (rather was forced to sell) her land to the government to create the Buffalo National River. It was so good to see her-- I haven't seen her in years.

On a not quite as happy note, W is having problems in school. His teachers are not enthusiastic about his modifications & his grades are showing that. He is also having problems with anxiety (sigh). I am not sure that I am going to do. Homeschooling keeps coming up as an option, but I am reluctant to try that route again (we made a valiant attempt last year). W resists working, especially at home.

Anyway, I am off to create a handout for ethnography.

Monday, January 21, 2008


MLK is awesome. I got a whole extra day to work on my homework. Sweet. I had to start a blog for one of my classes (English 866), and spent the better part of the day thus far composing an entry about this week's reading.

I am trying to make my computer desk into something other than a chaotic mess. So we went to the box store and brought home a couple of cabinet pieces to set on either side of the desk, and to hide the cpu. I built an awesome computer, but the case is huge. And sucks dust like nobody's business. So I am hoping that keeping it in a cabinet might reduce some of the dust. And it will certainly be hidden. And we got a drawer unit, to hold the media that go with a computer. I have a ton of CDs. A *ton*. Installation CDs, kids games, clip art, backup files. All of these need a home.

Of course, lots of stuff at my house needs a home. I have way too much stuff. And every time I begin to think about getting rid of some of it, I get overwhelmed and distracted.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Last day of vacation

I am aware that students will not start showing up until Thursday, but I have to get up early and take the kids to school tomorrow morning, so for all intents and purposes, my vacation is over.

Overall, it has been a nice break, but, wow, I have had way too much family togetherness. Todd's truck broke down on Christmas Eve. The transmission went out (again-- happily it was under warranty). So we have had, in essence, one vehicle for most of the break. Hence, too much togetherness.

I think that I have put together a cool assignment for Comp II. The assignment is to find a Wikipedia stub and expand it into an article. Co-opting the evil of Wikipedia for good. I was going to hit the ground running with this assignment, but MLK Day falls where I would want to have a library intro... and heaven knows students can't make it to the library after a holiday. Although, I could go ahead and work on summary and response first. Actually, we should probably work through active reading, annotation, and summary first. Okay, decision made.

Now I just need other writing assignments. Because, of course, we have to put these jewels in our teaching portfolios that we turn in this spring. This means that I have two audiences: my students who have to figure out what I want them to do and my colleagues who are performing assessment.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Runway!

Tonight is a new episode of Project Runway.

How did I miss the first three seasons of this?

Not fitting

My dress, that is... Part of the problem, I understand, is that I have bigger hips that anyone ever ought to have. I generally keep them well hidden with loose wrap tops or tunics, but this dress I am making is forcing me to deal with them. Part of the problem is a design issue, I think. The bodice is really loose, so I probably made a size too small for me. Which means the skirt is too tight. I do not have enough fabric to remake the skirt. So I keep regathering the skirt to make it fall over my hips. It may be a lost cause.

Nicktoons has started re-running old Rugrats, which makes me insanely happy. While they may not be as educational as Little Einsteins or Wonder Pets or whatever, I find them vastly entertaining. And Miss O is just as entertained. (Okay, I recognize the vast superiority of Sesame Street & Electric Company. However, Miss O does not like Sesame Street and I cannot find the Electric Company on cable). Of course, Tommy's adventure today would in actuality kill a child, it is still kind of funny. And the first half, when Tommy was convinced his dad was a robot was really funny.