Saturday, March 24, 2007

Digital Scrapbook Blogs

These blogs were posted on ScrappersChallenge Yahoo group.

After falling off the face of the earth...

The Vino is done. And the file is transmitted to the technical adviser.

Thursday, I worked on our front yard. The big kids and I bought 400lbs of top soil and put in the flower beds (and the half barrel). And 100lbs of manure (which is not all spread, yet). The big flower bed had black plastic about two inches below the soil, so that all the roots for the shrubs were two inches deep. I found this out when I *uprooted* one.

We also planted flowers; old fashioned flowers. Johnny jump-ups, a lily, daisies. And we spread some zinnia seed. I love zinnias... they remind me of old-lady gardens. Zinnia petals were what my flower girl used at my wedding.