Thursday, November 16, 2006

If I had a dollar...

If I had a dollar for every book/article I've read on organization, I'd be wealthy enough to *hire* someone to organize my home.

Yet, some how, I am inexorably drawn to these pieces. I seem to really unable to avoid the self-flagellation of reading about some who always has socks in the morning for her children. (Don't get me wrong, I always *eventually* find socks for the kids. And if they are white, and underneath their pants, they don't have to have exactly the same kind of cuff, right?)

Why is the image of neatly folded clothing neatly placed in drawers the image of perfect motherhood? Isn't it more important that I take my kids to listen to the visiting author series at my workplace? I make them think, but the house that we live in is definitely not company ready.

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Today was the Honors College Rendezvous. It is the new combination of Freshman Family Day, Orientation Banquet, and Parents Day. Bunches of students were there, and families, and a few alumni (actually, very few, but that's okay).

The Vino was ready for today, so we were able to give it out to the families of the students there. I heard a lot of nice things about it. That class really outdid itself putting it together. I am so proud of them.

We took the kids over to Cindy's tonight... Six kids in one house may just be too many :)

I actually started looking at my paper tonight. I have five pages, out of the needed twenty. If I could manage to turn out a page a day, I would be in business. (I may actually try that. That would almost be like not procrastinating.)

Mom and Dad came late last night and spent the night. But of course, since today was Homecoming, the only Saturday for months that I am committed, I hardly got to see them. They spent the morning with the kids, though, and dropped the girls off at the Rendezvous on their way out of town.

I am toying the idea of pitching an article on scrapbooking. I need to work on it a little more, though...