Friday, February 06, 2009


So I always wonder why I do this stuff to myself. Why do I tell Mea that she can have people over? The house? A wreck. She's been too busy trying to get caught up at school to clean (like she promised she would). SO that would be me doing another load of dishes and wiping down counters. And it looks like it will be cleaning off the coffee table. And me who may be the biggest idiot on earth.

ETA: And, to add to the fun, my vacuum clogged. I have to take it apart, at some point, to remove said clog. And daughter for whom I am picking up like a madwoman? Cleaned her freaking bedroom instead of picking up the living room. Houseful of people coming over, and she decides to clean her room for the first time in six months.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


My office, which is actually a lovely little windowless office, is situated next to the men's room. We have a common wall. Fortunately, though, I can't see who walks in or out from my office. This is a blessing...

Because I can hear the men use the toilets. Yes, I hear the flushing, and that is bad. But it is not the worst.

So I bought a CD player, and I try to balance the volume with not disturbing the people on my hall. But regardless, I cannot continue with the bathroom noise. And once it is heard, it seems to be impossible to un-hear.

But I really really want to un-hear it.

Randomness seems to be a theme with me lately...

This is my list of random 25 facts about me from the Facebook meme.

1. I think golden age sci fi is amazing. I read and reread Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury et. al.

2. Yes, I was an English major. I know what literature is.

3. I love love love Alice Cooper. He may be my all time favorite musician. Good thing he's prolific.

4. I am so excited that Neil Gaiman won the Newberry this year. Which speaks of my sci-fi geekdom and my former life as a librarian.

5. I will watch Weekend at Bernie's every time it is on cable. Ditto with Ferris Beuler. And Much Ado About Nothing. And Hamlet.

6. I don't have a cognitive dissonance problem with #5.

7. I scrapbook. Seriously, as in I pack up all my stuff and go to a crop once a month.

8. I can't keep organized. As OCD as I am, my desk and my house are both wrecks.

9. Despite my inability to keep house, I hate dirt. So while every surface in my house may be covered with stuff, I may well be sweeping or mopping my floors.

10. I don't like being outdoors. I like driving through pretty scenery, but lack any desire to walk around in it.

11. Most Sunday's you can find me sitting in a United Methodist Church.

12. I have a hard time telling people no (except students...). For this reason, I was head of the home missions committee at a previous church. I have taught every age of Sunday school from crawler to teenager, and co-taught some older than that. I am on committees at work that are outside the scope of my contract. And I am doing this meme.

13. I sew. I even made the outfit that I wore to work today.

14. My grandma taught me to sew and to quilt. She had high standards, but I now know how to rip a stitch I just put in (without gritting my teeth) and the value of doing things until I get them done right. And not to worry too much if I did it wrong the first time.

15. I have three kids. Their ages are 15, 13, and 6.

16. I have been married for nearly 17 years.

17. I think the Muppet Show was a work of genius.

18. I think Neil Gaiman is a work of genius, too.

19. I have more books than I know what to do with, but I love them, so I want to keep them. Ditto with fabric and scrapbooking supplies.

20. I believe that vinyl albums sound better than CDs.

21. I love mid-century modern furniture. Not the classy stuff that is back in style, but stuff that my grandparents might have bought.

22. Four of my favorite magazines have failed or are in the process of failing: O at Home, Domino, Simple Scrapbooks, and Blueprint.

23. I buy Vogue magazine, even though most of my clothes come from Kohls. (I do have a bit of cognitive dissonance about that...) And I dress myself by the rules of Trinnie and Susannah.

24. The last concerts I have seen were Better than Ezra, Apocalyptica, and Alice Cooper.

25. I hate driving in Little Rock. Take away my GPS and I am stuck.