Thursday, January 03, 2013

Another Day of Writing

I am still trying to keep up with my 20 minutes a day. So here goes...

Today, I worked on painting a dresser for my guest room. I am hoping to get that room done before my Christmas break ends. After that, I hope to clean out Mea's old room and make that into a sewing room. I am going to paint the walls aqua, most of the furniture white and just have a very feminine room to sew and do crafts.

We'll do yoga again tonight, or at least that is the plan. Yesterday, my shoulders were sore and I had a headache all day. Today, my abs are sore. But I am heading out again tonight. I am also thinking about starting Weight Watchers again. I've gained back about 10 pounds, which is frustrating. I still pretty consistently wear a size 14, (which was an 18 when I was a kid). I'd like to ultimately get down to a 10 (which a 14 when I was a kid). I feel like this is a realistic goal. Sometimes. But then I realize that it will probably be another 30 pounds. Truthfully, I should weight about 150 pounds to be healthy. And that is what I weighed when I started working at UCA. (I weighed 164 when I started my PhD).

Of course, what do I want to do? Eat a roll of chocolate chip cookie dough. I somehow feel that would not be conducive to either.

Well, boys came home, which means that my writing is over for today.

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